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Street signs, traffic signals, streetlights. Traffic control devices (TCDs) are critical for the safe and efficient transportation of people and goods. They communicate rules, warnings, guidance, and other information that you need to safely navigate roads. Properly maintained TCDs save lives, prevent injuries or property damage, and improve traffic flow.

Traffic troubles

While most of the nation’s roads are managed by state and local governments, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) sets minimum standards and ensures uniformity of TCDs across the nation. Public agencies rely on the MUTCD for uniformity, and noncompliance or missing TCDs can result in the loss of federal funds and a significant increase in liability.

But problems are inevitable: Exposure to the elements degrades TCDs over time, extreme weather events can damage or even destroy them, and even a single street sign can be a hazard if it’s placed too close to a roadway. Road maintenance organizations try to mitigate safety issues and reduce maintenance costs with routine inspection and maintenance, but keeping track of thousands of TCDs and their asset conditions can be challenging.

Beat the traffic

ArcGIS Solutions offers a trio of solutions that help keep traffic moving. More specifically, the Sign Management, Signal Management, and Streetlight Management solutions deploy with a set of layers, maps, and apps to help your organization manage your TCDs and related assets.

ArcGIS Solutions for traffic control devices
ArcGIS Solutions for managing traffic control devices (signs, signals, streetlights).

Modernize TCD inventories

Sign Data Management ArcGIS Pro Project
Use predefined tasks in ArcGIS Pro to load or create traffic control device data.
Signal Editor Experience Builder app
Create and edit traffic control devices in the browser.
Streetlight Editor in ArcGIS Field Maps
Conduct field data collection and record inspection and maintenance activities.

Streamline inspection and maintenance activities

Streetlight Management Center
Used to monitor streetlight, pole, and cabinet conditions, manage requests for service, and create work assignments.
Streetlight Request Form and Manager app
Triage and resolve requests for service before they become bigger issues.

Understand asset conditions

Sign Viewer application
View and evaluate the inventory in an immersive application.

Three solutions, one feature service

The next time you’re stopped at a busy intersection, take a closer look. There’s a good chance that you’ll notice signals, signs, and streetlights all affixed to same pole. Sharing infrastructure is great for optimizing space at an intersection, but it can also make it challenging to model TCDs in a system of record. ArcGIS Solutions can help.

All three solutions use the same foundational feature service: TrafficControlDevices. The TrafficControlDevices feature service includes a layer for each asset type and a table for tracking maintenance records. If you are using two or three of the solutions simultaneously, the feature service will not duplicate data layers.

TrafficControlDevices feature service
The TrafficControlDevices feature service is used to store each type of traffic control device and related inspection and maintenance activities.

The information products in each solution only use and display relevant features based on the assets that are being collected. Your organization can manage each TCD within its own solution, while only having to maintain one authoritative data source.

Ready to roll?

Sign Management, Signal Management, and Streetlight Management—like all of our solutions—are included in ArcGIS with one-click deployment. You can start modernizing your asset inventories and streamlining inspection and maintenance activities today.

Learn more

For more information about our traffic control device solutions, check out the following resources:

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