Keith Cooke

Keith Cooke is the Global Industry Manager for Planning & Community Development at Esri. A graduate of Auburn University, he has been a GIS professional since 1994 and has worked for planning and community development agencies at the regional and municipal level. Prior to this role, he was an account executive at Esri for 15 years working with over 100 local governments. He is a frequent speaker at GIS, community planning, and economic development events and is an active member in the American Planning Association, where he has conducted nearly 100 hands-on GIS workshops for planners since 2004 at the National Planning Conference and state chapter conferences.

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Planning for the Future: A Geographic Approach to the National Planning Conference

For nearly three decades, Esri has been an integral part of APA's National Planning Conference, and this year is no exception.

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Mapping the Way to Fairness: How GIS is Revolutionizing Equity in Zoning

As the demand for zoning reform continues to grow nationally, the need for a geographic, data-driven approach becomes more obvious and essential.

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The Best of GIS in Planning in 2022

This article focuses on repeatable and relatable stories of how GIS was used to improve planning projects across the nation in 2022.

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What Planning Departments Can Learn from Southwest Airlines

The Southwest travel fiasco over the holidays is a staunch reminder to planning departments about the need for modern technology and processes.

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Newly Released: The Reinventing Planning Podcast

Listen to an Esri original podcast called Reinventing Planning. A show to empower you to take on a modern approach to planning.

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Finding Common Ground in Planning with the Digital Twin

Three examples of locations embracing a modern, data-driven approach to planning to meet the evolving needs of their residents.

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Thoughts from the Florida Planning Conference

Learn from Esri's Planning and Community Development Industry Manager to see what you may have missed at the Florida Planning Conference.

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What Community Development Professionals Can Expect at the Esri User Conference

A community development professional's guide for events and sessions at the annual Esri User Conference.

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Thoughts on the 2022 National Planning Conference

Five key takeaways and reflections from the 2022 National Planning Conference in San Diego, CA.

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