Kenneth Field

Ken is a professional 'cartonerd' with a Bachelors in cartography and a PhD in GIS. He's a former academic from the UK but, since 2011, he talks and writes about cartography, teaches and occasionally makes maps, with Esri, in far sunnier climes. He has presented and published an awful lot and is in demand as a panellist and keynote. He blogs (, tweets (@kennethfield), is past Editor of The Cartographic Journal (2005–2014), and current Chair of the ICA Map Design Commission ( He’s won a few awards for maps, pedagogy and kitchen tile designs. He is author of the best-selling book CARTOGRAPHY and recently taught a MOOC on cartography to over 110,000 people interested in making better maps. He snowboards, drums, builds Lego and supports Nottingham Forest.

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Mercator, it’s not hip to be square

Background to the problems of the Mercator projection and web map solutions.

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Walking on the whole of the moon

A description of the cartographic approach, decisions and considerations taken when making a virtual globe of Earth's moon.

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Don’t be shy – exaggerate your maps!

Using some cartographic exaggeration in your maps and virtual globes can make all the difference to aid clarity and understanding.

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Make a transit map in ArcGIS Pro

Using simple editing tools you can quickly make a subway map in ArcGIS Pro

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Death in Grand Canyon Updated

In 2012 I made a map of all known deaths in Grand Canyon. Today, on the Centennial of Grand Canyon National Park I release a new version.

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Joy Plots in ArcGIS Pro

A joy plot (aka transect or profile plot) is a series of, normally, horizontally stacked lines that display some value of data vertically.

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Cartography (full stop)

Cartography. is published on June 28th and launched at the Esri User Conference. Here, I introduce the book and give a taste of what to expect.

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When a single map isn’t enough…

How many maps can you make using a single dataset and single theme of population based data? The answer, here, is 'at least 30'

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Terrain Tools 1.1 released

By Kenneth Field, Senior Cartographic Product Engineer. Prior to User Conference in 2015 we released a sample toolbox called Terrain Too...

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