Security Operations

Protect critical assets and unify your security missions with GIS

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Operationalize critical information

Managing and operationalizing critical information involves aligning software tools with your organization's people, mission, and data. Focusing on the power of location to identify threats and manage risk can help ensure operational readiness.  Leverage geographical information system (GIS) technology as the tested and proven platform that can streamline the complex business requirements and workflows of security operations.  Collect, understand, operationalize and share information that informs decision making and protects your most critical assets.

Incident and risk management for the security enterprise

Esri's solutions for security operations provide business leaders, security managers, and security teams with real-time situational awareness, command and control capabilities, and advanced analytics.

GIS supports the following focus areas:

  • Security operations centers
  • Intelligence and analysis
  • Event security
  • Crisis management
  • Financial crime and loss prevention
  • Field teams
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Site Security and Event Management ebook

Esri's location-based GIS technology provides the tools and resources that staff in a global security operations center need to integrate and assess data from disparate sources and existing physical security information management (PSIM) systems. This real-time data integration gives security and risk management personnel a complete view of any incident or event and the intelligence required for investigative analysis before, during, and after a crisis. 

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A real-time security operations software solution

ArcGIS is designed to integrate into large, heterogenous, and constantly evolving systems. Esri partners and customers integrate ArcGIS into the systems used for security operations.

Open and interoperable

ArcGIS is an open, flexible, and interoperable system that supports innovation. Esri supports open standards for data, services, and metadata.

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Security and identity

ArcGIS uses best practices for security across cloud, enterprise, desktop, and mobile technologies.

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Cloud ready

ArcGIS is a cloud-ready system. Secure and private clouds allow intelligence organizations to modernize and consolidate IT infrastructure. ArcGIS Enterprise is ready for deployment in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure clouds.

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Disconnected operations

ArcGIS supports multiple deployment patterns. Information can be provisioned and replicated between these patterns to support disconnected, intermittent, and limited bandwidth (DIL) environments.

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