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What’s New in ArcGIS Workflow Manager 11.0 and ArcGIS Pro 3.0


Our team has been hard at work making new improvements to ArcGIS Workflow Manager. If you’re a long-time user of Workflow Manager, it’s great seeing you again! If you’re new to using Workflow Manager and are interested in learning more, check out our product help page for more information. We are continually adding new content to the ArcGIS Workflow Manager Fundamentals Learning Plan on Esri Academy to make using Workflow Manager a smooth transition.

The latest release of ArcGIS Workflow Manager includes improvements to UI responsiveness, new web request functionality, and webhook support. We have improved compatibility with Pro, workflow automation capabilities, and added feature parity between the geodatabase version and Workflow Manager Server.

Workflow Manager Server 11.0 Highlights

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ArcGIS Pro 3.0 Highlights

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ArcGIS Arcade Updates

Are you an avid ArcGIS Arcade user? Then this update is for you! We’ve added ArcGIS Arcade to a number of locations, can you spot the ArcGIS Arcade symbols in the Web App?


Arcade Expressions used in Path Assignment
Utilize Arcade Expression when determining the workflows path assignment
Use ArcGIS Arcade in the Create Version and Evaluate data Quality steps to select from configured data sources in a list
ArcGIS Arcade can be used in the Create Version and Evaluate Data Quality steps to select from configured data sources in a list.

Anywhere you see an ArcGIS Arcade symbol will now be paired with a menu for browsing capability. This gives you the ability to search through our lists of compatible ArcGIS Arcade expressions right in the Web App. While browsing in the menu, you’ll notice we have added additional ArcGIS Arcade expressions, some of these expressions include: JobVersionGuidArray($job), JobVersionGuid($job, ‘dsName’) , jobVersionArray($job), jobDataSourceArray($job), and more! But don’t take my word for it, explore the menu to discover new expressions that have been added.

Arcade Menu video showing the browse capability
Browse ArcGIS Arcade expressions using our new menu capability


Web App Responsiveness and Job Notifications

This release, we have focused on increasing the Web App’s responsiveness to keep your team up to date with the latest changes as soon as they happen. When you are updating a job with critical information, the job owner will now be notified of the necessary information required to complete their tasks.

Job Notification when updates are made to the job
Job owner is notified when changes to the job are made

Paired with the job notifications, you’ll see that the panel will automatically update. As an administrator that is managing several users, this will give you the ability to make job changes on the fly. Whether that be changing the job’s priority from low to high, or updating the job’s status from pending to on hold, the job owner will see those changes as soon as they’re made without needing to refresh. 

Job Panel will auto update with job changes


Open Pro Project Items Step Updates

There has been some long-awaited functionality added to the Open Project Items step. In this release, we implemented configurable options to fit your ArcGIS Pro and Web App needs. Some updates to the step configuration that have been built in include, preventing editing outside the job location, closing Pro items upon finishing the step, and having the option to open a Pro project from Portal or a file path. In the Web App, a download button will appear in the job tile that will download a .pitemx file, giving you the option to have your mapping items automatically open to job-specific version of the data. 

Open Pro Project updates to the job and the configuration
Click the 'Download ArcGIS Pro Project' icon to download the configured Pro Project as a .pitemx file
ArcGIS Pro Project Download


Sharing Extended Properties

If your organization uses the same properties across different templates, then this update will decrease the amount of manual copying you will need to do. Now, you will be able to duplicate and share your tables across multiple templates. To verify your extended properties are shared, you will see the following message as referenced in the image below. 

Sharing Extended Properties
Click Duplicate Job Template to share extended properties across different templates


Header Navigation

You’ll notice that you can now click on the Workflow Manager icon to help you navigate to and from your workflow items. From wherever you are in the App, you will be able to utilize the icon to get you back to your listed items. For your convenience, you will see the name of the item that you’re working on referenced in the header. 

Header Navigation
Click the Workflow Icon to navigate back to your Workflow items


Advanced Assignment Step

In our step library, you’ll notice a new step called Advanced Assignment located in the advanced section. When the step is run, the user will have the ability to choose who should be assigned next in the workflow. Or, if you prefer the assignment be done automatically, you can configure the step to use the job’s location to choose the user or groups. Learn more about configuring a reference layer to be used in a step

Advanced assignment step that has been added to the step library

If you would like to learn more on best practices, check out our blog, Introducing the ArcGIS Workflow Manager Advanced Assignment step, that goes into detail on when to utilize the Advanced Assignment step. 





In this release, we’ve given Workflow Manager more cross-platform communication. With your Workflow Manager Advanced role, you will now be able to configure it to automatic job creation from a specified job template using Webhooks. When the webhook job creation is performed, payload information can be captured as output values for use while running the job using jobOutputValue Arcade function. This payload can also be added as an attatchment or associated with extended properties in the created job to introduce data form another platform in to the system of record. 

Webhooks Workflow Manager

To ensure that your webhooks are securely accessed, we have added the ability to toggle on and off the Header Secret Key which secures your webhook endpoints so that only authorized clients can call them using this authorized secret key. As with all credentials, it’s recomended to use this in tandem with an excrypted user-defined setting to improve the security of your system. 

Secret Key Web Hooks
Secret key will secure the access to the web hook from the third party app


Job Query Sorting

When interacting with your jobs on the Work Page, you will be able to sort based on different columns. This will give job owners the flexibility to sort their columns depending on what they want to see on the fly. To begin using the sort capability on a single field, click the field name on the header. To add other fields to sort by, hold ctrl (Windows) or cmd (Mac) and click on the other fields.

Job Query


Claim Version step

With the Claim Version step added, you will have more control over versions in the Workflow. This step will advance the way that your team is interacting with versions by giving you the ability to change the job version’s ownership to the current user. In the step configuration, similar to  other spatial data steps, you will be able to configure the step to claim the job version for all or specific data sources. To learn more on how to utilize the Claim Version step, you can learn more by referencing our blog about the Claim Version step

Claim Version step
The new Claim Version step can be found under Spatial Data in the Step Library


Send Web Request Updates

We have some exciting new improvements to the Send Web RequestYou will first notice in the Authorization tab that there is an option to Generate Token from Endpoint. If your REST endpoint requires a token for authentication, then you will find this feature useful to authenticate your web request during the steps execution.

Generate Token from Endpoint
In the Authorization tab you will now be able to generate token from an endpoint

Another feature added to the step, is Test Response. If you’ve found yourself needing to check the step configuration, then this update is tailored for you. You will have the capability to test what isn’t working at the design stage, instead of running the job in the Work Page. Now, you’ll be able to save time and effort by finding the issue prior to running the workflow. If your request has job-specific Arcade expressions, then you will need to provide the Job ID to format the request. Click here to learn more about our Send Web Request step updates

Test Send Web Request
In the Test tab you will be able to test your step configuration in the design page


Duplicate Shared Searches and Charts

We have implemented functionality that provides the ability to duplicate your shared searches and charts. Like duplicating templates, this will minimize the amount of time needed to manually configure searches and charts that are similar. To find the duplicate button, reference the following image to locate it in your own environment. 

Duplicate Shared Searches
Click the ellipses to duplicate your shared searches or shared charts


Localization Improvements

We are continuing our efforts to localize Workflow Manager. Learn more about how to change individual users’ language in the Web App. 


JavaScript API Documentation

Our JavaScript API documentation is now available, to learn more navigate to our JavaScript API documentation page.


Open Pro Project

When opening an ArcGIS Pro Project, you have the option to prevent editing outside the job location and closing Pro items upon finishing the step, based on your step configuration.

Configuration of ArcGIS Pro Mapping Step
New additions have been made in the Finish and Advanced Tab

When the Project is opened you will see the step opens to your job ID. When a pitemx file is opened, it will navigate to the configured job and map. 

Open Pro Project Items Step in ArcGIS Pro


Extended Properties

Extended properties tables give your organization the ability to store additional information in a job. In this release you will be able to manage a job’s one-to-one extended properties in the Workflow pane. To learn more on how to manage your extended properties tables, navigate to the Extended properties help page. 

Editing Extended Properties in ArcGIS Pro
Click 'Edit Job Details' to make updates to your 1-1 extended properties

Learn More about ArcGIS Workflow Manager

We have added a number of blogs to dive deeper into configuring our Web App. Our team walks you through different workflows to assist with best practices utlizing our tools.

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