Real-time, integrated solutions

Responding to increasingly frequent and complex threats and hazards, and an ever-expanding role requires emergency management professionals to become more agile to stay ahead of the situation. Keeping informed with current information during a response is critical.

Esri provides you with an integrated emergency management solution to support mission-critical decisions with a set of real-time tools designed to help you in multiple ways. Maintain situational and operational awareness, quickly analyze the incident impact, assess the damage, deploy needed resources, and engage the public with GIS maps built to scale. When incidents occur, be prepared with location-based solutions to empower critical decision-making that saves lives.

Integrated solutions for emergency management operations


Stay ahead of changing conditions

Maintaining situational awareness is critical to emergency management response efforts for any emergency or disaster. Processes that involve manually collecting and sharing data are siloed, slow, and immediately out-of-date—keeping you and your team in a reactive, disconnected state. With an integrated, real-time, location-based solution at your fingertips, maintaining situational awareness makes it easy for you to monitor changing conditions as they happen, brief your team immediately, and make better-informed decisions that can save lives and property.

Location intelligence provides the powerful mapping and analytics capabilities that allow you to see what and where things are happening at the moment they occur. Armed with this information, disasters and large-scale emergencies can be managed with foresight and agility.


Actionable intelligence

Understanding the impact of a disaster is imperative to accurately assessing damage and deploying resources when and where they are needed. But navigating the community and quickly gathering information can be a slow and chaotic process, especially when networks fail. With real-time actionable impact intelligence, you can quickly analyze the population, demographic characteristics, and infrastructure; deploy disaster response teams faster and with more reliable intel; and conduct damage assessments—all with or without a cellular network.

When every second counts, be prepared and take action with Esri's integrated, location-based solution. Empower your teams with real-time disaster intelligence.


Share critical, up-to-date public information

Citizens need access to information before, during, and after an incident to assess their personal risk and determine when to act. But information without context is hard to understand. Esri puts your information in the context of location—where hazards exist, where evacuation zones are located, and where to evacuate when needed.

Communicate to the public with an authoritative voice using powerful, detailed, digital GIS maps designed to scale when the public and media need it most.


Real-life examples

California Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES)

Learn how Cal OES staff increased their ability to respond to disasters by modernizing their agency's operations with GIS.

Emergency Management Operations Solution

Esri’s solution for Emergency Management operations is available as a complete bundle that includes all the software, apps, content, and services you need to get started. Reduce the burden on your staff and modernize your agency in 5 days with our subject matter experts.

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Ready to use content

The ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World provides data from around the globe to help you make real-time decisions and stay informed during rapidly changing conditions.

Configurable solutions

Configurable GIS solutions transform Esri’s core applications into mission specific tools that help you solve the most common challenges in daily and incident operations.

ArcGIS software

Gain insights using tools to visualize and analyze your data. Collaborate and share via maps, apps, dashboards and reports in ArcGIS.

Subject matter expertise

Esri will quickly deploy the solution onsite at your agency in one week and transfer all the knowledge needed to ensure your team is up and running for the next incident.

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