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Learn about infographics in ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App and Community Analyst

Infographics in Business Analyst Web App and Community Analyst are presentation-ready reports that visualize key indicators and information for your sites. Premade infographics are available in the Standard and Gallery collections. Popular Standard templates include the Economic Development Profile, Childhood and Female Equity, and Housing Market Characteristics templates. Gallery templates are a collection of specialized templates, many of which are designed for a particular dataset, industry, or country. Both Standard and Gallery templates can be run as-is, modified with different data selections or visualizations, or built from scratch.

Examples of Standard and Gallery templates

Both types of templates include interactive experiences, which are pop-up panels that appear when you hover over an element. Infographics can be shared with your entire organization, your groups, or specific individuals.


Modify an existing infographic template

There are a variety of ways that you can customize a Standard or Gallery infographic template to better suit your analysis. For instance, panels can be removed if the information is not applicable to your use case. Or a panel can be replaced with another element that is more specific to your needs. Infographic elements include charts, tables, preconfigured standard infographic panels, maps, and other options.

Add element menu in the infographic builder

To see an example of how we modified a Key Facts infographic, check out Modify an existing infographic template in ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App and Community Analyst.

Modified Key Facts infographic for a non-profit client


Create an infographic from scratch

You can create custom infographics in the infographic builder. To get started, consider creating a list of guiding questions for which data to use and how to visualize it. The following are a few guiding questions:

The following blog articles provide a variety of resources and recommended best practices for creating infographics:


Learn more about infographics

There are a variety of resources available regarding infographics, including blog articles, tutorials, and help documentation. The collection of infographics and their capabilities are available across Business Analyst Web App and Community Analyst. The resources listed below are applicable to both, even if only Business Analyst Web App is mentioned.

Use the the Design infographics in ArcGIS Business Analyst tutorial to get hands-on experience designing an infographic in Business Analyst Web App.

Design an infographic to display market analysis for the sample site.

Tabular infographics are modern data tables that leverage infographic capabilities. A tabular infographic is like a classic report, but with an updated design and improved accessibility and readability. Check out these three blog articles to learn more:

Compare tabular infographics and classic reports.

The Get more out of Business Analyst infographics and dashboards  blog article describes how infographics in Business Analyst can be used in tandem with the functionality of ArcGIS Dashboards.

Use Business Analyst in tandem with ArcGIS Dashboards.

To learn about how you can customize infographics panels, see the Using custom infographic panels in Business Analyst blog article and associated video.

Video still of Using custom infographic panels in Business Analyst.

Did you know that you can run infographics in Business Analyst Mobile App? To learn more about the most recent update, see What’s new in Business Analyst Mobile | March 2024.

Use infographics in Business Analyst Mobile App.

Did you know that you can use infographics in an ArcGIS Experience Builder app using the ArcGIS Business Analyst widget? Check out these tutorials to get hands-on experience:

Build an infographic-focused app in workflow mode using the ArcGIS Business Analyst widget in ArcGIS Experience Builder.

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