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Add dimension to your geospatial data

Gain greater insights and improve decision-making with Esri's 3D mapping software

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A 3D, aerial view of downtown Boston, Massachusetts, with three buildings highlighted in different colors

Transform decision-making with the clarity of 3D mapping

Uncover the full potential of geospatial data with Esri's 3D geographic information system (GIS) mapping software. Gain greater insights and understanding with realistic visualizations and advanced analytics. An array of industries such as urban planning; architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC); and government are driving smarter decisions by leveraging 3D GIS capabilities.

Build realistic visualizations to enhance analysis

Create detailed 3D scenes to visualize complex geospatial data, resulting in faster and more precise analysis and improved awareness.

Communicate effectively with greater dimension

Enhance collaboration and engagement with non-GIS users and GIS professionals by sharing compelling 3D visuals of natural and built environments.

Improve decision-making through greater insights

Interact with 3D content in realistic and immersive experiences to gain clarity, evaluate decisions, and establish sustainable workflows.

People walking along a brick path flanked by trees with changing leaves and 3D scenes that showcase building information models and emergency transportation routes in Boston, Massachusetts

Discover more dimensions with geospatial data

3D GIS provides organizations with a deep understanding of the world through realistic visualizations, insightful analysis, and immersive experiences.

Discover new dimensions of understanding with 3D GIS capabilities

ArcGIS is a leading geospatial system that enables 3D GIS. It includes an integrated 3D system of record that creates smart environments and provides a foundation for living digital twins.


Generate 3D data from existing data sources or access ready-to-use content from an array of authoritative sources, available through ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World and Esri partners. ArcGIS is a scalable 3D system of record that allows you to store, manage, interact with, and share content across a variety of devices. 

A collection of three satellite images showing land and buildings


Create realistic 3D digital representations to simplify complex issues and explain them to stakeholders such as decision-makers and community members. ArcGIS enables you to create a visual narrative that increases understanding, encourages collaboration, and helps establish consensus among stakeholders. 

3D scene of a fictional city with gray streets and buildings and green trees combined with a shadows


Perform advanced three-dimensional analysis to maximize the potential of your geospatial data. With ArcGIS, you can analyze complex geometry, automate shape and pattern recognition, and extract insights at scale by leveraging deep learning, resulting in faster and smarter data-driven decisions. 

3D image created with Lidar showing a landscape with electric pylons, powerlines, and green vegetation

Immersive experiences

Drive deeper engagement and interactions with advanced 3D capabilities and seamless integrations. ArcGIS powers 3D and XR experiences that allow users to explore and analyze spatial relationships in an intuitive way across a variety of devices, dashboards, and apps.

Detailed city scene with a red car on a street and several buildings from the perspective of a VR headset experience

Create a foundation for living digital twins

Digital twins are representations of real-world objects, their processes, and relationships. GIS technology supports the creation of digital twins for social, natural, and built environments by integrating a variety of digital content. 

ArcGIS and its 3D capabilities enable digital twins by managing data, linking transactions, creating realistic visualizations, and performing analytics through an integrated 3D system of record. Users can integrate information models with the context of location with ArcGIS and create the foundation for living digital twins that foster sustainable workflows and address complex challenges.

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3D building model of a gray bridge with buildings and green trees and of view of construction and engineering elements

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