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Esri's solution for site and event security

Recent tragic events have shed light on the complex, interrelated worlds of safety and security. Mass casualty incidents have quickly become a national security threat, challenging the collaborative web of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Protecting and securing our nation's Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR) and managing large-scale events are of paramount importance to the security and stability of our communities nationwide.

Deploy GIS as the mapping platform to support your infrastructure and event security workflows to protect key assets, manage critical incidents, and secure special events.

Configurable workflows for infrastructure and event security


Understand areas of operation

Understanding your area of operation (AO) means being able to define and protect a specific geography. That geography could be as small as a building or street segment. It could be as large as a campus or city. It could be a business park, stadium, military base, or government facility. To establish command and control, GIS can serve as the platform to collect, integrate, map, and visualize foundational data, imagery, and demographics for complete operational awareness of your AO.


Conduct preoperational event planning

Configurable event-planning applications can help incident commanders build and maintain an operational event security plan for any scenario, planned or unplanned. Easy-to-use editing features within Web GIS help planners build tactical plans and modify them in real time as conditions change during an event. This ensures everyone has an up-to-date view and complete operational awareness.


Enhance real-time monitoring

Integrate third-party solutions and data feeds. Capture and manage multi-intelligence data sources from records management systems, CAD-911, social media providers, meteorological feeds, DHS HIFLD, CCTV, border sensors, AIS, and other government and private sources of information. Filter and focus using viewers and dashboards that are user defined and mission specific.


Conduct threat analysis

Collect and integrate information for rapid analysis to identify threat patterns, trends, and relationships. Improve your risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments to safeguard communities and critical infrastructure. ArcGIS is the platform that can fuse foundational, incident, dynamic, and intelligence data for insights into all crimes, threats, and hazards—all in real time.


Improve situational awareness

ArcGIS serves content to virtually any application—on desktops, the web, smartphones, and tablets—­providing flexible access and visualization. Establish shared awareness by integrating data from multiple sources and agencies with advanced maps and spatial analysis. Evolve the common operational picture to a common operational platform, powered by geospatial intelligence.

Case study

San Antonio gains real-time awareness

A real-time common operational picture heightened awareness and aided rapid response for Final Four security.

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