ArcGIS has apps for the work you do, no matter where you are or what device you are using. Need to collect data in the field? We've got an app. Need to share your data with the public? We've got an app for that, too. Whether you're doing complex GIS work or simply want to share information, ArcGIS apps will transform how you work with maps and data.

Mapping Apps

Mapping apps provide you with focused workflows and tools for your day-to-day tasks. With these apps, you can track assets, create operational dashboards, publish open data, and more. These apps run everywhere-on desktops, the web, smartphones, and tablets-so you can be productive no matter where you are or what device you are using, from simple mapping to a complete desktop GIS.

Map and 3D Scene Viewer

With the map viewer's data-driven workflows, intelligent defaults, coordinated styling, and automated scale ranges, it's easy to create visually stunning maps in just a few clicks. You can add these maps to your apps, embed them on websites, and share them with others. You can also view and create 3D maps with the scene viewer. Add your own data and layers on top of beautifully styled basemaps and 3D maps, and make them even more useful with easy-to-add pop-up windows and infographics that provide additional information.

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Collector for ArcGIS

Put mapping in the hands of your field work force and improve the efficiency and accuracy of your data. Replace paper forms with smartphones and tablets. Work offline and use maps anywhere to ground truth your data, make observations, respond to events, and then sync automatically when you are back online.

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Navigator for ArcGIS

Get your field workforce where it needs to be and unlock efficiency gains and improve reliability. Use the data provided or your own data to search and navigate directly to your organization's assets. Interact seamlessly with Collector for ArcGIS and other apps, and get reliable directions even when disconnected.

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Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Provide a common view of the systems and resources you manage. Monitor real-time data feeds for large events or day-to-day operations on your desktop or tablet device. Create executive dashboards that integrate maps, charts, gauges, and histograms for real-time views.

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Open Data

Turn on Open Data and provide open data access to the public. Quickly set up a custom-branded website and use your existing ArcGIS platform to manage and maintain your open data. Select the authoritative data you want to share and allow anyone to search and download your data by topic or location, or display it on an interactive map.

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Explorer for ArcGIS

Allow everyone in your organization to discover, analyze, use, and share maps on their Mac, iOS, or Android device. View information about your assets, search for places and features, or sketch on the map to highlight important aspects of your data. You can share your maps with other Explorer for ArcGIS users and view engaging map presentations. Even those without an ArcGIS Online subscription can access publicly shared maps.

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ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro gives you 2D and 3D data editing, visualization, and analysis. Seamlessly publish maps to ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Server. ArcGIS Pro's 64 bit architecture provides high performance analysis. ArcGIS Pro is part of ArcGIS for Desktop, the most widely used GIS in the world.

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Create, manage, and share geographic data, maps, and analytical models using ArcMap. Included as part of ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcMap provides advanced data editing, imagery analysis, workflow automation, and cartographic tools for professional users in any industry.

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GeoPlanner for ArcGIS

Everything you need for land-based planning in one app. From project creation and data management to creating and evaluating scenarios, with GeoPlanner for ArcGIS, you can manage all aspects of your planning process more efficiently by applying the principles of geodesign.

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Community Analyst

With Community Analyst, planners and policy makers can understand how populations are impacted by policy decisions and prioritize projects based on the greatest impact. Community Analyst includes a large set of demographic, health, crime, and other data that makes it easy to generate comparison reports and what-if scenarios to decide where to locate a new facility and analyze the impact on nearby populations.

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Business Apps

Easily add mapping to your existing business processes. Whether you are looking for a new retail location or trying to improve your customer engagement–being able to see and analyze your data on a map gives you a more complete picture and better insights than you would get from just looking at spreadsheets.

Esri Maps for Office

Make dynamic maps of your spreadsheet data right in Excel. Add Esri's demographic and lifestyle data to enrich your own spreadsheet data to get even more context and details then share your interactive maps through ArcGIS Online, add them to Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, or copy them into other documents.

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Esri Maps for SharePoint

Map your organization's data in SharePoint lists or your data warehouse. Visualize key business measures in dynamic color-coded, point, clustered point, or heat maps. Enrich your data with Esri's demographic and lifestyle data and get deeper insights then share your maps through ArcGIS Online with others so you can collaborate and make more informed decisions.

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Esri Maps for IBM Cognos

Boost your business intelligence (BI) to new levels. Integrate smart maps into your BI applications for more complete and actionable reports. Apply the power of maps and visualize your data to gain deeper business insights. Add Esri demographics and spending data to get even more details.

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Esri Maps for MicroStrategy

Make sense of your business data and discover how easy is it is to get actionable information from it. Add dynamic maps to your dashboards and reports and see your data in a new way. You can add Esri demographic and spending data for deeper analysis. You'll be able to spot trends and patterns and better understand what influences performance.

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Esri Maps for Salesforce

Add location awareness to your customer information. See new patterns by exploring customer locations, opportunities, and competitors on a map. Improve collaboration through enterprise access of your maps on any device.

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Esri Business Analyst Online

Evaluate sites and analyze markets the fast and easy way. Business Analyst Online combines an easy and intuitive workflow with extensive demographic, consumer spending, and business data to give you detailed information and insights about businesses and consumers.

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Configurable Apps

Want apps with your own look and feel? It's easy with ready-to-use templates and widgets, and you can share these apps inside of your organization or use them to engage with your customers or the public.

App Studio for ArcGIS

Easily convert your maps into beautiful, consumer-friendly mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, and Linux. Publish apps using your own brand to all popular app stores, or share them securely within your own enterprise—no developer skills required.

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Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Build intuitive and focused web apps that run anywhere, on any device–without writing a single line of code. Create HTML/JavaScript apps with ready-to-use widgets, and then customize the look of your app with configurable themes. You can host the apps online or on your own server.

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Story Maps

Tell your story with maps in an elegant, easy-to-share user experience. Organize your ideas to tell a story with rich content, such as videos, photos, audio, and text. Story Maps are used by individuals, organizations, and the media to tell stories about places, events, and happenings.

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Web Application Templates

Share your maps through easy-to-configure templates. Choose from a comprehensive set of templates to quickly configure focused apps, for example, for parcel editing or displaying social content.

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